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Darlin.’ My name is Miss Daisy Mae.


I am a Sterling Silver miniature horse.

I am only 30 inches tall. I am a Southern Belle from the Deep South. I am pretty

and perfect. I am so grown up.

I am fancy. I am elegant.  I am delicate. I

am precious, because I am Miss Daisy

and I am so perfect!

I am gorgeous. I have a thick, beautiful, white mane and I love to brush it.  I am grown up and I do not need to play

childish games  with Teddie and Skie, because I am a prim and proper

Southern Belle.


I am a blue ribbon champion, because I

am pretty and perfect. I use my magical, flawless, personality on the adventures. I always have to tell Teddie and Skie the proper way of doing EVERYTHING!

Once, it was real scary because Skie almost got hurt!


My favorite treat is to sit in the garden surrounded by beautiful daisies and

have a refreshing cup of sweet tea.

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