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Howdy! My name is Teddie Bear.


I am a black and white miniature horse, but my favorite color is purple. I I am only 32 inches tall.

Everybody loves me. I am fluffy, cuddly, and lovable. I am like a tiny, soft, squeezable teddy bear.

I never get into trouble. If I like it, I smile, I ask permission, I say please. I’m polite because I am Teddie and I am so lovable!

I am always happy! I love life!
I see the best in everything.
My favorite color is purple

because it makes me smile.

I use my magical, positive,

and loving personality on the adventures. If someone is hurt

I always try to help. One time, I

even saved a life.


My favorite activity is to sit in

my room and read warm, cuddly, sweet stories. 

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