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Hi! My name is Skie’s Rainbow.

I am a Chestnut Brown miniature

horse. I am only 34 inches tall.

I have one blue eye and one

brown eye. I am cute, strong, and

the baby of my family. I get away

with everything. There is nothing

I can’t do! I am UNSTOPPABLE! If

I see it, I want it, I get it, I do it; because I am Skie,

and I am so strong. 

I always like to try new things, because I am fearless Skie.

Nothing scares me! I use my

magical strength and curiosity on the adventures. One time, I even

got to fly. It was so exciting!


Other times, I have used my strength to help protect poor

Teddie Bear. Once, I even got in trouble and I almost got hurt,

but I am Skie and I was okay!


My favorite sport is soccer

because I can run like the

speed of lightening and kick

the soccer ball high,

high in the sky. 

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